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Academy of International Business (AIB)

The Academy of International Business (AIB) is the leading global community of scholars for the creation and dissemination of knowledge about international business and policy issues. The AIB transcends the boundaries of single academic disciplines and managerial functions to enhance business education and practice. The objectives of the Academy of International Business, as set forth in its constitution, are to foster education and advance professional standards in the field of international business.

AIB was founded in 1959, and has more than 3500 members in more than 80 different countries around the world. Members include scholars from the leading global academic institutions as well consultants, researchers, government and NGO representatives. The Academy also has seventeen chapters established around the world to facilitate networking as well as the facilitation and exchange of knowledge at a more local level. For further information, please visit the AIB website.

About AIB-CEE Chapter

The Central & Eastern Europe Chapter of Academy of International Business, known as the AIB-CEE Chapter is one of the youngest AIB chapters. It was established in 2013, during the 2013 AIB Annual Meeting in Istanbul (Turkey). The new Chapter Board is composed of scholars from Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Croatia. The Chapter covers 19 countries from the CEE region. The overarching purpose of AIB-CEE is to foster the cooperation amongst scholars and specialists from Central and Eastern Europe in regard to conducting joint research, disseminating research outcomes and improving international business education standards.

Hosting institution:

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

AIB CEE 2022 Conference will be held in Zagreb the capital city of Croatia at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business.

The University of Zagreb is the oldest Croatian university and also the oldest university in South East Europe. The university was officially founded 23 September 1669 by Emperor and King Leopold I Habsburg when the study of philosophy in Zagreb acquired a formal and legal status as Neoacademia Zagrabiensis and officially became a public institution of higher education.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb is a constituent part of the University of Zagreb. Its origins date back to 1920. The Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb has a high reputation in educating experts in the areas of economics and business in Central and Southeastern Europe. It is committed to meet the expectations of students by developing modern educational programs and by encouraging scientific research. The true value and worth of the Faculty of Economics and Business are its graduates whose number has now exceeded 75.000. At the moment, more than 10.000 students are enrolled in various study programs. That makes Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb one of the largest educational institutions in field of economics and business in Central and Southeastern Europe.

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