Supporting journals

Journal of East European Management Studies – JEEMS (ISSN 0949-6181; WoS SSCI, Scopus, EconLit) – special issue

International Entrepreneurship Review – IER (ISSN 2658-1841; ERIH Plus) – special issue

European Journal of International Management (ISSN 1751-6757; WoS SSCI, Scopus)

Engineering Economics (ISSN 1392-2785; WoS SSCI, Scopus)

Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review – EBER (ISSN 2353-8821; WoS ESCI, Scopus, EconLit)

Studies of the Industrial Geography Commission of the Polish Geographical Society (ISSN 2080-1653; WoS ESCI, ERIH Plus)

Business Systems Research Journal (ISSN 1847-8344; WoS ESCI, Scopus)

Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia (ISSN 1408-534; WoS A&HCI, Scopus, ERIH Plus)

International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy – IJDipE (ISSN 2049-0895; Scopus, EconLit)

Managing Global Transitions – MGT (ISSN 1854-6935; EconLit)

Economic and Business Review (ISSN 2335-4216; EconLit)

Entrepreneurship-Education journal (ISSN 2083-3296; ERIH Plus)

Business Excellence Journal (ISSN 1846-3355; EconLit)